Manage your Workday Inbox

May 2, 2018

Search your inbox archive for historical items. Follow these easy search, sort and filter instructions:

Search, Sort and Filter your Inbox Archive:

  • Click the Inbox worklet to open your Inbox.
  • Click the Inbox “Archive” tab.
  • Click the downward arrow button.
  • Click “View More Processes.”
  • Select a “Start Date” and “End Date” to create the date range you wish to search.
  • Click “OK.”
  • Note the column headings available for you to search.
  • Click any column heading to sort and filter the reported results. (For example, try searching transactions “in progress” by clicking the  “Status” column heading,  filter condition “Begins With” and enter “in” for the value.)

Click any Business Process transaction link to see more details, or hover over the link to reveal the “further actions” button. You may then click it to reveal any possible further actions options associated with the business process.