New Functionality to Manage P2P Inbox Volume

May 9, 2018

New functionality is available to manage your P2P Inbox volume by creating filters with COA Worktag values.

Inbox filters can now be created with COA conditions for four additional P2P business process types:

  • “Change Order”
  • “Supplier Invoice Event”
  • “Supplier Accounts Match Event”
  • “Supplier Invoice Request Event”

Filters may also be created to further limit results to specified COA segment values. For example, here’s how using the “Change Order:”

Search and select the report: “My Inbox Filters.”

Click the “Create Inbox Filter” button at the bottom of your list of existing filters.

Enter a “Description for your filter, including specific COA values if desired.

Select the radio button “Business Process Type(s)”, and search for “Change Order” (or, “Supplier Invoice Event”, “Supplier Accounts Match Event” or “Supplier Invoice Request Event”). Note that you may create one filter that combines both business process types “Supplier Invoice Event” and “Supplier Accounts Match Event”.

Skip the “Tasks” field.

Now, further limit your Inbox filter results by adding specific COA Worktag conditions:

  • Click the “+” under conditions to open a line
  • Confirm or set the “And/Or” field to: “And”
  • Skip the “(“ field

Search and Select the appropriate value for “Source External Field”:

  • “Worktags for Change Order”
  • “Worktags for Supplier Invoice”
  • “Worktags for Supplier Invoice Request”

Set the “Relational Operator” field to: “any in the selection list.”

Set the “Comparison Type” field to: “Value specified in this filter.”

Search and Set the “Comparison Value” field to the specific COA value condition you wish to segregate for this filter. (Enter the Net ID for an Assignee.)

Skip the “)“  field.

Click “OK”,

then click “Done.”

The process for creating Inbox filters for Supplier Invoices, Supplier Accounts Match and Supplier Invoice Requests is similar to the PO Change Order example above.

For more details, see Training Guide - Workday Basics and select ‘Inbox and Notifications Management’ from the table of contents.