Salary Planner role designation - Action required by May 31

May 16, 2018

Last year a new Workday role was created to help streamline the Annual Staff Merit and Performance Review processes. We ask that you review and update the Salary Planner designees for this year’s process.

As a reminder, Salary Planners are responsible for entering information on behalf of their respective Lead Administrators—including performance ratings and merit recommendations (i.e. merit, base adjustments, lump sum amounts, and promotions). This role will only be available and applicable during the Merit process.

Pre-requisite includes, having current access to salary information and performance ratings.

Special note: if the individual holds other roles in Workday, their access will carry forward, including access to reports.

Here is last year’s list of Salary Planner designees by supervisory organization and Lead Administrator (Strategic Business Partner).

If you are not making changes, you may disregard this notice. If you are making changes, please include your changes in column F (2018 Salary Planner Designee). Be sure to include your selected designee’s name and employee ID. Changes can be sent to to with the subject header of “Salary Planner Designee”.

Please review and provide your recommendation for the role of Salary Planner by Thursday, May 31.

For Yale School of Medicine, Human Resources Generalists will be working with Lead Administrators to finalize Salary Planner designees.