Charges to the Location Worktag - Reminder

June 13, 2018

The Location Worktag is optional on all Workday platforms.  This Worktag is meant to track the costs of any building related charges.  A Location Worktag should only be used when charging expenses to a building. The one exception is for Human Resources (HR), where employees are associated with a particular building.  These location worktags associated with employees should not be changed by anyone other than HR.  

The following is a summarized list of transactions or entries that are permitted on buildings. Please  note: Central Process Owners (i.e. Facilities, ITS, University Finance, Med School Financial Operations, Public Safety, and New Haven State Affairs) typically perform accounting transactions with a Location Worktag.  In rare instances, a department will book a transaction with a Location worktag, as noted below:

Departments are allowed to use the Location Worktag for the following Revenue and Expense transactions/entries:


  • Other Income related to buildings such as occupancy revenue and parking income
  • Transfers and Reclassifications


  • Units that do not use Facilities for building maintenance and/or custodial services may be permitted to use the “Central Process Owner” codes as indicated below.

Central Process Owners (Facilities, New Haven State Affairs, Controllers Office, Medical School Financial Operations) are permitted to use the location Worktag for the following Revenue and Expense transactions/entries:


  • Contribution & Endowment Income


  • Taxes
  • External Utilities for property outside of New Haven
  • Building Maintenance and Alterations
  • Building and land acquisition
  • Telecom charges for emergency phones and fire lines
  • Interest and Amortization charges
  • Security Assessment
  • Internal Utilities and Facilities Operations charges
  • Materials & Supplies (including custodial), Equipment & Furnishings, and Other Service Expenses from capital, alterations, and R&R projects
  • Rent and other Occupancy Costs