Fly America Act – Requirements and Training

June 20, 2018

Staff and faculty traveling on Yale business funded by the U.S. Government (grants) are required in most situations to use U.S. carrier services for all air travel. This requirement is commonly referred to as the “Fly America Act.” These guidelines must be followed regardless of cost or inconvenience to the department or traveler.

There are exceptions and other intricacies to these guidelines. The one exception to the Fly America Act are the Open Skies Agreements between the U.S. and certain countries (European Union, Australia, Switzerland, and Japan). These agreements allow qualifying travelers, whose travel is supported by federal funds, to travel on European Union, Australian, Swiss, Japanese airlines as well as specific US carriers.

To help Yale travelers and traveler schedulers understand all the nuances of the Fly America Act and the Open Skies Agreement, we are scheduling one-hour training sessions in July, August, September and October. Sign up for a training session here.

In addition to the training, we will provide a quick guide and one-page info graphic for everyone to keep and refer to after the training.

Fly America Act

Understanding the Open Skies Agreement