Introducing the ITS Climate, Culture, and Inclusion Taskforce

June 14, 2018

At the next IT town hall, John Barden will introduce new strategic priorities for IT at Yale. One of those is to become a workplace of choice.  In support of this priority, ITS formed a Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (CCI) taskforce in May to bring people together to help collectively improve the work environment for our team and to more closely reflect the diversity of the community we serve. This new group is sponsored by John Barden and Jane Livingston, who will work closely with Yale’s Chief Diversity Officer, Debbie Stanley-Macauley and other subject matter experts across the university.  

The CCI taskforce members were chosen with an eye to representation across the organization from different teams, different job categories, as well as diversity characteristics of race, ethnicity, and gender.  “We expect the work of the task force to be ongoing over the next several years,” said Jane Livingston.  “The goals are ambitious and will be a challenge to implement, but the task force members are engaged and energized by the challenge.” 

CCI Task Force Goals for FY19

  1. Develop task force members’ understanding of topics around culture, climate and inclusion with a focus on the individual’s perspective
  2. Design a strategy that will rebalance for recruitment, onboarding and retention within IT
  3. Develop supporting materials for the IT community to support each of the competencies.
  4. Create a learning and development strategy for IT teams with key focus on climate and inclusion
  5. Measure the progress related to Climate, Culture and Inclusion Task Force.
  6. Create a marketing and communications strategy to implement the overall program 

The taskforce includes the following members:

  • Samantha Beaudet, Help Desk
  • Tzu-Tzu Benigni, Reporting and Analytics
  • Kay Davis, Information Security
  • Justin Denny, Help Desk
  • Michael Harris, Digital Accessibility
  • Laurel German, Student Technology Collaborative
  • Susan Lukose, Reporting and Analytics
  • Pete Monroy, Media Technology Services
  • Grace Petegorsky, Systems Administration
  • Kay Ratanasaka, Systems Administration
  • Marty Wallace, Information Security

ITS CCI Taskforce Members

Pictured in the photo above are: Blanche Temple, Marty Wallace, Tzu-Tzu Benigni, John Barden, Kay Davis, Susan Lukose, Jane Livingston, Kay Ratanasaka, Samantha Beaudet, Michael Harris, Laurel German, Grace Petegorski, Justin Denny, and Pete Monroy.

“I was very encouraged at the first meeting by how eager each member was to envision an even better, stronger, more integrated, and inclusive organization; an organization where team members are trusted and respected by their peers, and one where valuing diverse experiences and skills is an anchoring characteristic of our culture. I expect this working group will have a significant impact as we work toward strengthening the best aspects of our culture.  I hope you will join me in thanking your fellow colleagues for agreeing to help lead this effort, that you will imagine a role for yourself as we embark on this journey,” said John Barden in his initial announcement about the group.