New Director of Security Operations - Duane Lovello

June 7, 2018

Yale Public Safety welcomes Duane Lovello the new Director of Yale Security Operations who started in March. He is responsible for the administration of security operations a 24/7/365 unit consisting of over 130 staff members–managers and security officers. This team is responsible for protecting the people and assets of the university, including 24-hour patrols, walking escorts, and lock out services.  “We work hand and hand with the Yale Police and Security Systems departments as part of a much larger Yale safety umbrella,” said Duane.

Before coming to Yale, Duane was the Chief of Darien Police retiring in 2017 after 35 years in law enforcement. During those years, he spent time as an officer and then a detective. “I enjoyed detective work, diving deeply into cases that sometimes took me beyond New England during investigations. A few cases that come to mind include, a double homicide and the infamous Alex Kelly fugitive case,” said Duane. On one harassment case, he spent two years tracking down and arresting the harasser. For a short time, Duane worked at the CT Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) managing over 40,000 properties statewide. “I was happy at CHFA they were wonderful people. But when the opportunity to work at Yale came along, I could not let it go by.  I’m extraordinarily happy to be here!”

While he spends time becoming familiar with his team and the campus, Duane is thinking about a long- term strategy for the department.  “I’m walking the campus a lot getting to know the people and seeing where there are issues and where to make improvements. Interacting with my team and the community will help me formulate the department’s strategic direction for the next 5 to 10 years,” said Duane. He wants the Yale Security Operations team to be world class, and the place where other universities come to learn. “I think we have a talented team in place and the energy and the support to do that. We can do a lot of great things here,” said Duane.

Duane graduated from University of New Haven and has a law degree from the University of Connecticut Law School.  He did not practice law.  After 5, Duane is married with two children, one currently in college.  To relax, he plays golf and cooks delicious feasts for family and friends.

By Lisa M. Maloney, Internal Communications Officer