Policy Updates as of July 1, 2018

June 27, 2018

The following policy documents have been updated and will be posted on July 1, 2018 on the Policies & Procedures website.

Policy 3201 General Purchasing - Definitions

  • Micro-purchase
  • Simplified Acquisition Threshold
  • Small Purchase Procedures Threshold

Section 3201.4 Comparative Pricing  - New

  • Purchases over $10,000 will require a price or cost analysis showing that the quoted price is reasonable in comparison to published pricing, pricing quoted by other suppliers, or historical pricing.
  • For purchases greater than $150,000 on Federal and Federal Pass-through Awards, Procurement shall perform a competitive bidding process requiring suppliers to respond to a publicized request for proposal/quote or Procurement will validate a Requestor’s sole source justification.

Policy 3215 Yale Purchasing Card

Section 3215.1 Requesting & Obtaining a Yale Purchasing Card  - New Section

  • Policy defines Workday employees as able to be assigned a PCard.

Section 3215.2 Use of the Yale Purchasing Card

  • Addition of “Purchasing Conflict of Interest” language from the Uniform Guidance Requirements (New and Important)
  • Addition of the U.S. Treasury Departments Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list of currently sanctioned countries

Section 3215.3 Yale Purchasing Card Noncompliance - New

  • PCard transactions not processed in 60 days or outstanding on an expense report for more than 120 days may impact cardholders.
    • PCard transactions unprocessed longer than 60 days may result in suspension of the PCard.
    • PCard transactions unprocessed longer than 120 days may result in a deduction in pay.