Possible Action Required - Invoice Processing Error

June 27, 2018

Approximately 3% (600 out of 25,000 invoices) sent by email between April 30 and June 21 were not transferred to Workday. This was due to an intermittent failure in the software used to transfer invoices. The software requires significant processing resources to transfer invoices, consequently, placing a strain on the system.

Action Needed: Yale Shared Services will send targeted communications to individuals requesting they resubmit the missing invoices.  If you have already resubmitted the invoice you can disregard the message. 

Until a permanent solution is in place, the following steps will be taken to prevent departments from having to resubmit invoices that fail to transfer:

  1. Instead of running our process once per day we will be running it twice per day to reduce the strain put on the system.
  2. We are creating copies of each invoice received via email.  In the event that step 1 does not prevent the failure of an invoice to transfer, we will use the backup copy for processing.

We are working with ITS to resolve the issue permanently by optimizing the integration used for transmission of invoices to Workday.