Examining ITS' technology architecture approach

July 26, 2018

In support of Operational Excellence, John Barden convened a team to recommend updates to the ITS technology architecture approach. The team is focused on establishing technology standards to support consistent, repeatable, secure, and reliable service delivery across ITS. The team will also, as needed, make recommendations to advance governance to ensure strong organizational alignment for establishing and implementing standards.

Many members of the team are excited about this initiative. Darrell Cook shares his thoughts:

“I think it’s great that we are putting emphasis and focus into the technology architecture space for several reasons.  

  • We’ll look at key services and determine where there is a need and lack of architectural standards & best practices that need to be addressed. Additionally, we’ll help bring visibility, a consistent framework and structure, as well as broader awareness to where there are already great examples of developed standards & best practices.  
  • We may find areas where we can make recommendations (such as overlapping tools) that may have cost savings and/or allow us to reduce our technical footprint. 
  • Lastly, establishing a simple, repeatable, and well-understood governance process along with a way for people to easily access much of this work and more, is something I’m excited about and looking forward to helping put in place.”

Technology standards and agile governance will provide guidance for service owners, allowing ITS to optimize technical solutions and reduce complexity. Reducing variability in technology architecture encourages productive cross-team collaboration by increasing the use of standard practices, platforms, and protocols. “We are bringing together an expert team to improve organizational consistency in direction and methods, which will increase the coherence of work coming out of projects and operational activities,” says Lou Tiseo, committee chair.

The team plans to select a handful of technologies as a starting point. The goal is to work with technical experts across the organization to create technology standards that leverage industry best practices while fitting ITS’ capabilities, technical environment, and professional culture. Transition plans are a key element of success for the team’s efforts. The team envisions enabling service owners, over time, to take responsibility for optimizing their services by aligning technology solutions to ITS standards.

The Technology Architecture Committee (TAC) will continue overseeing new and modified solution architectures. While changes to governance may arise from the team’s work, the initial focus will not be on governance. The focus will be on crafting architectural guidelines in support of project and service delivery.

Members of the Technology Architecture Team include Shane Anderson, Darrell Cook, Louis King, Morrow Long, Andy Newman, Lisa Sawin, and Lou Tiseo (chair).

Questions and comments about this effort may be directed to any of the team members who would greatly appreciate the opportunity to engage with you.