ITS Summer College Internship Program Kicks Off

July 12, 2018

On June 24, ITS introduced the three college graduates selected to participate in the Brian J. Wolson Early Career Development Program (ECDP). The program, launched by Yale ITS in 2013, is an 18-month rotational program for recent college graduates interested in working in an information technology organization.

Joining ITS staff and managers at last week’s event were Annette Wolson, Brian Wolson’s wife who spoke of Brian’s legacy and John Barden who spoke of the importance of the program, specifically the conversion to permanent employment.

Brian Wolson was a member of the Yale ITS family who was admired and respected for his leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm. Brian served as Associate CIO for the ITS Shared Solutions group and spent six years leading development teams for the organization. He passed away in July 2014.  Participants in the program this year were selected, in part, on the basis of the values that Brian embodied: honor, courage, determination, resolve, selflessness, respect for others, services, integrity, and technological excellence.

This year the Wolson Program participants are:

    • Ashvin Pradham-Shenoy, formally an IT College Intern, graduated from McGill University and will begin his first rotation with IT Finance
    • Neil Dokurno, graduate from University of Connecticut, will begin his first rotation with Public Computing Services
    • Adomous Wright, graduate of University of Connecticut, will begin with the IT Web team Events and Scheduling.

Thanks to all who support the Wolson Program participants in accomplishing their career goals. Please give the new Wolson Program participants a warm welcome.