Working to Improve Yale's Data Center

July 26, 2018

Yale’s data center is used to physically house many of the Yale’s critical applications, telecommunication equipment, and data. It is essential that we plan ahead in order to maintain reliability and security. Downtime for Yale’s data center has serious consequences for administrative and academic functions on campus. It is difficult, if not impossible, to recover any loss in revenue, critical time periods lost, or rebuild our reputation when damaged by an outage. While we can’t expect to avoid downtime events entirely, the majority of system downtime is caused by avoidable failures that we are working hard to prevent from happening in the future. Over the past few years, we have made great progress in this area, and our target for 2019 is 99.999% availability. Facilitating this type of work takes very careful consideration and coordination in an active data center to avoid affecting current operations.
Each year investments are made in Yale’s physical infrastructure to replace aging electrical, mechanical, and computing technology as part of a Lifecycle program. As we plan for future years, we look at how to alter our environment to enhance reliability, availability, and maintainability. We also have a focus on energy efficiencies and our carbon footprint, keeping in line with the university sustainability plan.
ITS monitors all data center components via our 24/7/365 Data Center Operations team who uses monitoring technology to understand possible issues and/or failures that may need immediate attention. This team also helps ensure there is preventive maintenance on key infrastructure to ensure services continue without potential problems.
The landscape for supplying computing and storage resources is changing as we look ahead to cloud technologies and utilizing of off-campus facilities. Coupling this with on-premises resources, Yale ITS can offer further options and better technology to the Yale community.
For further information about Yale’s data centers contact Louis Tiseo, Director of Foundational Technology Services.