Recent upgrade improves YSM admissions system

August 23, 2018

A critical admissions system used by Yale School of Medicine (YSM) clinicians and faculty to evaluate Medical School applicants was upgraded the first week of July. To accomplish this much-needed upgrade, ITS partnered with the YSM admissions department and an outside vendor.

There were several goals for the upgrade. First, this system was running in a shared server environment for several years with other critical applications, which we suspect impacted performance, and certainly caused dependencies on various systems for outages and upgrades. This was addressed by moving the service to its own application and database servers.

Second, the database backend previously consisted of both an MS SQL server and Oracle server. The databases were consolidated into a single MS SQL server.

Finally, the upgrade addressed interface changes. The previous interface, running as a service on a server, frequently hung and had to be manually restarted. The new interface is expected to be much more stable and runs directly from the application, removing the dependency on the service running on yet another machine.

We are pleased to report the new system is more reliable, showing improved performance, and the reliance on other systems coexisting in a shared infrastructure is gone.