Request for volunteers for New Student Technology Orientation

August 9, 2018

New Student Technology Orientation - students posing with 'Gil Phish'

As many of you know, students will soon be arriving on campus. The Student Technology Collaborative runs workshops every year to train their students in supporting students more broadly across campus.

On Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25, we welcome the new first year undergraduates to Yale’s campus with an orientation event. This event orients students to the resources available to them at Yale, and provides them with an opportunity to get their computers and other devices set up and configured for the Yale environment.

Jane Livingston, Associate CIO, and Laurel German, Manager, Student Technology Collaborative, invite you to volunteer your time and participate in this important process at Yale. We’re asking for volunteers in half-day blocks, although we may not need everyone for the entire half-day.  Please consider volunteering for a half or full day to be a part of the Yale student experience.  

Once we have volunteers, we’ll orient you and assign people to different tasks during the four-day orientation process.

Thank you in advance for considering giving your time to this important Yale event.

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