SIS Programs and the Banner 9 Upgrade

August 9, 2018

The SIS Programs project is a multi-year program that started in FY17 to address significant technical debt, regulatory and mandatory changes, and unmet, high-priority functional gaps. As of December 2018, Ellucian will no longer provide the mandatory updates to Banner 8 Admin, therefore it was critical to complete the Banner 9 upgrade prior to the end of this calendar year. Of the total ninety-six administrative forms initially targeted for upgrading to Banner 9, twenty-four have been eliminated, twenty-eight use baseline with extensions, and forty custom forms were converted. This will reduce the overhead of future upgrades. Additionally, a Banner Support website was created for the Registrar to provide a central location for user training content, Banner FAQs, and news about the initiatives.

The Banner 9 upgrade improves accessibility of the Banner Admin forms, allows for access from Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers from any operating system, eliminates the need for the Oracle Forms JAVA Applet (which required Windows OS), and provides login via NetID and password instead of separately maintained Oracle IDs and passwords. While the work with the application was underway, the Banner database servers were moved from XIV to NetApp storage. The migration of the application servers from AIX to Linux is underway. The Banner 9 upgrade required effort and coordination across many constituencies: ITS, University Registrar’s Office, Bursar, Financial Aid, Admissions, and all the Professional Schools. As the adoption of Banner 9 across the Yale landscape of four hundred plus users progresses through the Summer and Fall of FY19, we will continue to reach across the community to collaborate with our colleagues.