Workday Account Holder Report in production

August 8, 2018

The Institutional Reporting & Analytics (IR&A) team recently deployed to production the Workday Account Holder Report (AHR) to support the monitoring of financial activity for a portfolio of accounts owned by faculty or other academic leaders. These include grants, gifts, and unrestricted accounts. This report was created for individuals who do not view reports directly within a system (Oracle, Workday). Rather, they are provided reports after a pre-review by the business office. The AHR is the most used and highly visible package of financial reports used at the University. It is required for grant compliance review and essential to the reporting and subsequent accurate spending of those grant dollars. Business Offices can run the report ad-hoc or create schedules against the month-end event which runs after the General Ledger in Workday is closed for the month.

Replicating this legacy report has been a long journey. Workday Financials went live July 2017, and we developed the Workday Portfolio Report (WPR) as a replacement for the legacy AHR. Business Offices found scheduling the WPR to be time consuming, and the new format of the report cumbersome to use. They found that it was increasing the amount of time to schedule and complete their month-end account review.

In October 2017, we began work on a short-term solution to create Workday web-enabled reports. These reports would be used to create a financial data mart that stores the information needed to produce the Workday AHR. We also created the new AHR by Person Report in Brio and created the new AHR by Person Portal parameter page and scheduling event. The longer-term aspect involves converting the AHR reporting solution to our new Microsoft BI platform to be able to decommission fully our use of the Hyperion Data Warehouse Portal, which is being considered for the FY20 project submissions.

Beginning in March 2018, the Workday AHR report was rolled out in stages. Currently, we have over 1,900 schedules running monthly and our business offices and faculty are quite happy with the reformatted report. We are teaming up with Workday in a Design Partner Program to improve their reporting tools and infrastructure to bring specific reporting capabilities needed at Yale to Workday.