Create your Workday Talent Profile – Calling all IT M&Ps

September 6, 2018

Managerial & Professional staff - share your talents, skills, and more

Yale ITS is a hub of great talent. Documenting all that talent is a goal of University leadership. To accomplish this, we need your help. Managerial & Professional employees are asked to complete their Talent Profile in Workday. It is an easy and thought-provoking exercise. The Talent Profile replaces the old STARS form.

Once complete, all your professional experience and achievements will be in one place. The Talent Profile serves as an internal resume, enabling employees to create and maintain a profile that includes career/work experience, educational background, certifications, skills, professional affiliations, and achievements. It provides a means to make an individual’s talent and qualifications more visible within the university.

What’s in it for staff

The Talent Profile provides greater visibility of your background and skills to your manager,  assists in your professional development, and aids in the achievement of career aspirations. It can also help you prepare for job opportunities since careful thought about your past and present experience and skills is required. It gets you pumped to see all that you’ve achieved and thinking about what’s next.

Who can see your talent profile?

Managers within your direct reporting structure can see your Talent Profile. For example, if you work at the ITS Help Desk, an internal department within Campus Technology Services, your manager may view your profile, their manager may view it, and so on and so on following the reporting structure up to the Senior Director of Campus Technology Services.

What managers can do

Encourage your Managerial & Professional staff to complete the Talent Profile in Workday.

Managers who have a better, expanded understanding of employee strengths, education, and accomplishments can use the Talent Profile to help guide them through talent development conversations with employees and help identify strengths and opportunities for added experience when looking across their team.

What the University gains

Yale leadership wants to leverage Workday capabilities to effectively manage talent and to extract insights that help them make critical talent decisions.

By having our employees create and upkeep their profile, we will begin to build “intelligence” on staff – work experiences from the past, certifications achieved, professional affiliations staff are a part of, awards they have received, languages they speak, and degrees they received.

How and when

To complete your Talent Profile, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to Workday from It’s Your Yale
  • Click your name at the top-right corner of the screen > Select View Profile
  • From left menu, click Career
  • Start typing your talent profile

Talent Profile Quickguide

There is no set time to complete this, but the sooner you provide this info the faster you can have more robust conversations with your manager or know your career path more clearly. The profile does not have to be completed all at once, you may go back in as often as you like to add or edit as needed.