Operational Reporting for Student Information Systems (SIS)

September 20, 2018

The implementation of Operational Reporting for the Student Information Systems (SIS) is a workstream included within the SIS Programs Capital Project. Prior to this project, there was no supported solution for reporting for the student information systems data. Functional users rely heavily on the desktop tool Brio, which Oracle ceased supporting in April 2018. It is critical that we continue to move the thousands of existing Brio reports to a more modern, stable and secure platform that is in line with Information Security standards and industry best practices.

The goal of this workstream is to meet the needs of SIS users in a way that is secure, sustainable, and scalable, while expanding our focus to the needs of previously underserved areas for reporting such as the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Secure: New guidelines from Information Security say that where possible we should move away from a two-tiered approach, where users have direct database access, to a three-tiered approach, where users access reports via a web browser. Additionally, we are working with a group of functional owners on a data governance process, establishing data stewards who will help create common data definitions and a process for managing Banner data access requests.

Sustainable: Having reports centrally located, rather than on a users desktop, will allow for a consistency of data that is currently lacking. We are also working on creating a transparent backlog, relying on the users to determine our priorities. The end result will be a streamlined process for requesting new reports and modifications to existing reports.

Scalable: Ultimately we hope to enable a self-service model of reporting by providing clean and consistent pre-built data sets across functional areas leveraging role-based access. We are working on a training curriculum and resources that we hope to pilot internally in the next few months.

To date, we have deployed our first set of reports to production for the Center for Teaching and Learning. We have additional reports in test for the University Registrar’s Office, the Law School, Music School, School of Drama and the Bursar. While our immediate focus is on operational reporting, we will also begin working with the Analytics and Reporting team on use cases for trending and integrated reports that can be supported by the CoRe platform. If you have questions about our program, please reach out to Kate Hathaway.