New contract and pricing for Ready Refresh/Poland Spring Services

October 10, 2018

Procurement recently renewed the University contract with Ready Refresh/Poland Spring for its full line up of breakroom water and coffee services. This includes water filtration machines and bottled water options.

The new contract took effect October 1, 2018, but the price changes will not be reflected until the January 2019 quarterly Journals.

To see a full lineup of items that are offered on campus, including a new great professional cooler cleaning service, click here for a detailed flyer. For questions on starting a new service or on an existing service, please contact Dave Fahey at 203-496-5790.

  Product - 5-Gallon Water Bottles


New Contract

Poland Spring Water *

$3.99/per bottle

Nestle Pure Life (Purified Water) **

$3.49/per bottle

Cooler Rental



Product - Water Filter System

Filter Type

New Contract

Floor Model


Counter Top Model


Professional Cleaning

$59.99/as requested

9 oz Plastic Cup (50/slv)