SIS ApplicationXtender upgrade successful

October 18, 2018

ApplicationXtender for Banner was successfully upgraded from version 7 to version 16.3 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. This upgrade was necessary because the vendor, OpenText, will cease to offer extended support for version 7 in January 2019. OpenText purchased Dell EMC (the previous vendor for ApplicationXtender) in February 2017 and subsequently adjusted the version number to align with that of its other products.
ApplicationXtender is a document management suite. It is used by a wide audience in academic administrative departments, such as admissions and financial aid offices, by residential college deans, and by student advisors. It has direct integration with Banner, the Student Information System (SIS) at Yale. Individuals can index documents, for example, import a PDF and provide various meta-data about that document, while others can view those documents and their associated meta-data. ApplicationXtender is both a reference and archive for documentation and images.
The 16.3 upgrade provided several new enhanced features. For example:

  • A move away from the desktop application, Document Manager, and toward the enhanced web-based application, WebXtender
  • An updated look and feel to WebXtender
  • Changes to browser compatibility - WebXtender no longer requires Internet Explorer; instead, it is now compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers, and can also be accessed from a computer running MacOS.
  • WebXtender now allows for drag-and-drop document import indexing - similar to the desktop application functionality
  • WebXtender now uses Central Authentication Service (CAS) authentication with NetID instead of Oracle/Banner ID and password
  • Seamless integration with Banner Admin Forms versions 8 and 9

Overall the implementation was a success. By moving to the web application, ITS reduces the maintenance for a desktop application and the effort required during upgrades.  Finally, the web application has become more universally compatible and user-friendly.