Advising / Student Profile

November 1, 2018

Banner 9 Student Advising is Ellucian’s baseline module designed to support advisors. It was implemented on-premise five years ago and was intially rolled out to a limited number of advisors who did not already have an existing application to support them. While the long-term plan has always been to consolidate all our existing custom advising applications on this platform, Ellucian’s upcoming de-support of Banner 8 Administration Forms in December 2018 drove us to expedite the applications on that platform. In support of this and future work, an advising workstream was added under the Student Information Systems (SIS) Program Captial Project in FY18 and FY19 to consolidate the custom advising applications using the baseline functionality as much as possible with limited customizations to address gaps.

Custom additions to the Advising module were deployed on October 11, 2018, which contain additional features to allow consolidateion of the following custom advising applications:

  • Residential College Dean’s View (RCDV)
  • Graduate School Dean’s View (GSDV)

This release provides the following benefits:

  • A consistent view of the student information for all types of advisors
  • Simpler setup for advisor access with only one application to set them up in
  • Eliminates redundant custom advising applications
  • Replace applications (RCDV and GSDV) based on Oracle forms that would otherwise have to be recoded as part of the Banner 9 effort
  • Reduce the technical overhead maintaining custom code
  • Expand the usage to the Professional Schools and their advisors in the future

We are currently working on a a few enhancements:

  • Adding confidential notes
  • Adding high school transcripts to support college advisors

In the future, we are planning to consolidate the Faculty Student Advising (FSA) custom application into the Advising module.