Banner student integration for Yale's Office of Career Strategy

November 15, 2018

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy (OCS) maintains student data through Yale Career Link, a career management system, powered by Symplicity. Through Yale Career Link, students in Yale College, GSAS, and postdoctoral scholars apply for internships and postgraduate jobs, connect with alumni and employers, upload materials for graduate and professional school applications, make career advising appointments, and complete important summer and postgraduate outcomes surveys.

For the past five years, OCS has been annually uploading the basic student information through a one-time manual import of the data fields provided by the Registrar’s Office. Once the students are entered, OCS manually promotes their class years on an annual basis because no direct feed currently exists from Banner. Student status changes including class year changes, withdrawals, and changes in major were not being captured with this manual upload. In addition, a great deal of student demographic data is not brought into the system at all, including preferred name and ethnicity.

This has created difficulties with students who have changed their name in one Yale system assuming it will also change in the OCS system. In the case of ethnicity, not having that field in the system has greatly limited the analysis OCS can conduct on postgraduate outcomes.

OCS has been working to get a feed of the relevant data fields eliminating the need for a manual upload, which is quickly outdated and to enhance OCS’ ability to report accurate and detailed outcomes to the University.

Deepa Thomas, business analyst, and Tian Jin, senior software engineer, from the ITSCCT Student and Academic Support System group, did a great job working with the vendor, Symplicity, to outline the steps needed including how the API feed would work. They reviewed detailed lists with Yale’s Office of Career Strategy team to confirm what data fields should be included; they tested the data feed; and generated the requested files in a timely manner. The automated weekly integration from Banner to Career Management System, went live successfully last week.

Robyn Acampora, director of strategic initiatives and public service careers and functional owner of the Career Management System at Yale, enthusiastically states  “after waiting for this feed for over five years, OCS could not be more pleased for all of the reasons listed above. Yale students will now have better access to a myriad of career resources including job postings, career events, and graduate and professional school applications. Further, OCS will be able to provide a more comprehensive analysis of our office’s services, including post-graduate outcome data.”