ITS Help Desk shows thanks, celebrates with colleagues

November 29, 2018

The ITS Help Desk team (along with some friends from other areas) celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with a friendly gathering on the Wednesday afternoon before break in pot-luck style! Individuals brought the expected party staples including cheese and crackers, chips, dip, stuffed breads, various drinks, and other snacks. They also served up some awesome home-made creations such as crock-pot meatballs, kibbeh (Lebanese-style beef croquettes), baked holiday mac-n-cheese, and hot mulled cider.

While enjoying the food and networking with colleagues, the group took a few moments to anonymously recognize the things they were thankful for. These were read aloud and a “wall of thanks” featuring these quotes was temporarily posted in room 125 - later relocated to the ITS Help Desk area. The most common themes: thankfulness to work with amazing colleagues and supportive management who appreciate the hard work everyone does. Others noted thankfulness for their employment here at Yale, healthcare benefits, a reprieve from their daily duties to enjoy this gathering, and a kick-ass knowledge base. The team closed out the event with a game of Thanksgiving themed charades, including some cross-departmental colleagues who joined in on the fun.

- Photos provided by Mark Murphy III, Louisa de Cossy, and Cynthia Welsh