Next Generation Network, securing Yale's connectivity

November 14, 2018

Next Generation Network (NGN) will create the foundation for the future of computing at Yale by significantly increasing network resiliency, speed, and nimbleness adapting to new requirements. NGN builds a rich security model into this foundation, suitable for the openness required by a research institution, resulting in strong protections for high-risk uses and increased freedom for low-risk uses. The shift to an intent-based, identity-first network paradigm allows for a significantly better user experience, including increased interoperability with Yale New Haven Health (YNHH), while significantly advancing Yale’s security posture to meet the demands of the future.

Yale has partnered with Cisco, who brings a vast amount of experience in the network arena with a focus on higher education and government network segmentation. The NGN team and Cisco have recently kicked off workshops to identify requirements, features, and capabilities with the new Yale Network. The Yale NGN multidisciplinary team will also interview value-added resources that will help support system architecture and infrastructure to establish a new network environment for all of Yale.

Next Generation Network is securing our connectivity for the future by offering an enhanced network experience through a single-software-defined network, increasing data speeds to support our ever-increasing reliance on the network and improving our data protection with significant information security and risk reduction improvements.

To learn more please contact Michael Blomberg or Louis Tiseo to inquire about an NGN Information session.