Updated Telephone Sets & Lines request form

November 1, 2018

The Telephone Sets & Lines request form was revised with the intention of better clarity for both requestors and with regard to the Chart of Accounts (COA) functionality.

  • The Telephone Request types have been updated:
    • Formerly - Add; now - Add a new line
    • Formerly - Change; now - Change (Features, Charging Information, or Owner)
    • Formerly - Move or delete; now Move a line to a new location
    • Formerly - Delete; now Disconnect a line
  • Project COA is no longer required unless the requester states that the new lines are part of a project.
  • Monthly COA is now labeled COA; this is to avoid confusion by the phrase monthly COA being used for one-time charges (moves or changes).
  • COA has been removed from the Disconnect a line option as it is not needed.