Ask Janet! January 2019

January 11, 2019

Q: This month, I received a number of questions about how Yale’s benefits compare to other employers, and there was particular interest in parental leave.
A: I’m pleased to say that Yale is one of the best employers in terms of benefits for staff. For those of us who have worked at other organizations, or who have partners who do, we understand the difference in health care, pensions, wellness and paid time off. Yale offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable healthcare options in the nation. Our Benefits Planning team works closely with the union and outside consultants to ensure that our benefits are excellent and that they are funded. Each year, we review how Yale compares to regional employers as well as other Ivy League institutions, and we compare well—and in many cases better. In addition, Yale provides a number of singular benefits, such as the Homebuyers’ program, our Child Scholarship program, and our many wellness initiatives. To learn more about particular benefits, such as parental leave, I encourage you to visit It’s Your Yale.