New sponsor, ITS orientation revisted, and highlighted events

January 24, 2019

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Schlagheck, Sr. Director, Reporting & Analytics, as our new co-sponsor of the ITS Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (CCI) task force. Ryan sent us this note last week: “I’m excited to be part of this group and look forward to getting to know the team, more about the work we are doing to advance our efforts in building a climate and culture of inclusion, and what I can do to help!” Ryan will join John Barden as our second CCI sponsor, taking on the mantle left by Jane Livingston, who accepted a new role as Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Florida State University. We’d like to thank Jane for all of her hard work and we look forward to working with Ryan in the future.

One of the areas CCI is working to improve includes an ITS-specific orientation program for new employees. In addition to University New Employee Orientation (NEO), Yale’s Information Technology Services once offered a specialized ITS NEO for new staff. This served an an introduction to the various areas of ITS and helped new staff to network with some of the over 400 individuals they would soon be working with. Our team felt that reinstating the ITS NEO would help new staff to meet colleagues who could help them navigate the complexities of ITS, onboard faster, and feel welcome as part of the larger ITS team. Much has changed since the original ITS orientation program was developed - and we have created a new ITS NEO experience to reflect those changes. We expect the first revised ITS NEO will be held this upcoming February. Look for more details in the next (Feb 7) edition of IT Update.

CCI encourages individuals to get involved with Yale’s eight affinity groups. Attending a training or event highlighted by these groups helps to promote awareness of cultural differences, strengths, and challenges members of our community bring. We have highlighted a few events below that you may be interested in:

Hope to see you there!