Progress in standardizing ITS architecture

January 24, 2019

The Technology Architecture Standards team has been working to move service delivery across ITS towards repeatable and consistent approaches to technology architecture. Technology standards and shared practices will help guide solution architects, tech leads, and other technical resources designing solutions to use Yale’s supported platforms and tools. Increased consistency will help reduce costs and improve the quality of our work.

The team began with peer reviews, reaching out to standards groups at other schools and surveying technology standards and processes. Principles for standard creation were written to guide the process and technologies were selected for standards development. The team considered a variety of technologies and service areas, with the aim of selecting those where standardization is both needed and progress is viable. A decision was made to align standards closely with services, and to rely on service owners and offering managers to both craft and maintain the standards documents themselves. As domain experts, service owners are in the best position to write standards which support best practices in their domain, and also will remain invested in their maintenance over time.

The first standard, ITS Digital Accessibility Standard, was ratified on Friday, December 14, 2018 and is open for community review. Work is now underway on an Enterprise Integration Standards and Shared Practices document and another will begin shortly for Enterprise Monitoring and Event Logging.

Read more about the how the team got started in the Examining ITS’ technology architecture approach article.