IT training team weathers the storm

February 21, 2019

On Sunday, January 20, the nine-degree icy weather was not enough to freeze the spirits of over 120 students as the Student Technology Collaborative (STC) held its annual Spring Training at 17 Hillhouse Avenue. At Spring Training, students met their newly-hired peers and learned about new policies and IT changes that impact their work. These student employees support personal devices, cluster machines, and media equipment for the entire student population (both undergraduate and most graduate schools), and work with other IT departments on collaborative development projects. As a sizable portion of our client-facing interaction, it is vital for them to be on the same page as the rest of IT.

This year’s training included an exciting moment of drama as, without warning, all electronics in our building suddenly shut off due to the campus power outage. After overcoming the initial moment of surprise, the management team reined the confused students back in, and continued to run training without notes or projection slides. In the dark and WiFi-less classroom, their unfazed grace kept the students attentive, productive, and calm while everyone waited for the power to return.

At training, Information Security gave the students a few reminders on best practices in personal device security. STC management discussed proper usage of Deputy, STC’s time and attendance app, and shed light on the intricacies of student payroll. The team also discussed proper customer service procedures, updates to ServiceNow practices, transparency within the team and with clients, and managing expectations when providing service.

As always, the management took the opportunity to solicit students’ feedback and suggestions for improvement, both within our department and in IT in general. The student voice is not merely useful, but essential to our department’s function – and lends to IT decision-making as well. Our intelligent, technically-savvy group of students provide the perfect resource to hear that voice. Management will use the results of the hour-long session of feedback, lively discussion, and recommendations to continuously improve services and will organize the feedback to bring to the appropriate teams throughout ITS.

As we looks to strengthen the bonds across IT and improve IT services to the Yale student community, please feel free to contact the STC management team at with any changes or information, or if you have any questions that would benefit from student feedback. We are always looking for new opportunities for collaboration!