Yale builds - Current construction projects

February 14, 2019

In 2018, the Yale Board of Trustees approved construction for 20 major projects. Here is a quick look at one new building, two renovations and a landscape improvement.  All the building projects are targeted to be completed in 2020. While the West Campus landscape project will be done this spring. The three building construction and renovation projects are all targeting LEED Gold Certification, incorporating many sustainable attributes including stormwater mitigation, energy efficiency, healthy materials selections, and waste reductions. For more information on LEED, visit the U.S. Green Building Council website.

Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale

Construction began last fall on this new 13,000 square foot building located at Becton Plaza–behind the Becton Science building at 15 Prospect Street. When the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) is completed in the summer of 2020, it will serve as incubator space for innovative projects developed within an inter-disciplinary entrepreneurial environment at Yale. The facility, which will be one floor with a mezzanine, will provide open and flexible space to serve as a forum for collaboration, workshops, and events. For more information on the program visit its website. Planner, Kari Nordstrom and  Project Manager, Sheri Miller.

Schwarzman Center renovation and addition

The Schwarzman Center project includes renovating approximately 134,000 square feet of the existing building, formerly called the University Commons. It will also include building additional space along Grove Street and beneath Hewitt Plaza. When complete in the fall of 2020, it will be a world-class center devoted to student life and cultural programming providing spaces for gatherings, meetings, galleries, and performances. Also, it will be the first building on campus to target LEED v 4 gold certification.

“It will be designed to draw together students and faculty from all of Yale’s schools and colleges and, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, enable virtual engagement with the outside world in a dynamic way never done before at Yale” said President Peter Salovey.  Planner, Jim Elmasry and Project Manager, Michael Douyard.

320 York Street renovation

Renovation of the former Hall of Graduate Studies began last fall. Built in 1932, this collegiate gothic style complex building comprises various interconnected low buildings, a central fourteen-story tower and contains 200,000 square feet of space. When is it completed, in the summer of 2020, it will be the new Center for the Humanities. The project includes a complete interior renovation, exterior repairs, and the conversion of former graduate dormitories to faculty offices.  In addition, a new auditorium and film-screening room will be built beneath the courtyard. Planner, Jim Elmasry and Project Manager, Bryan D’Orlando.

West Campus landscape Improvements

Work began last spring to enhance approximately 8.5 acres of outdoor public spaces at Yale’s West Campus. These outdoor areas connect the research facilities and buildings at West Campus. Some improvements include: a new public square, expanded terrace seating area for outdoor dining at the West Campus Conference Center, new walkways and improved pedestrian connections between buildings, and a revised vehicular path and parking to improve traffic flow.

A number of sustainable initiatives were incorporated into the final design including bioretention features to detain water, remove sediments, and promote groundwater recharge plus an overall reduction of impervious surfaces in support of Yale’s stormwater mitigation goals, detailed in the 2018 Stormwater Management Plan. This project should be complete by spring 2019. Planner, Christie Day and Project Manager, Reyhan Larimer.