Extra AV support leads to a smooth start

March 8, 2019

The first two weeks of each semester (a.k.a. shopping period) is a busy time for many groups at Yale, especially for those that support classrooms and audio-visual (AV) systems. As the number of classrooms grow and faculty increasingly use technology in their teaching, the demand for technology orientations is rising. The need is particularly acute during shopping period; class counts are less known , and faculty are often using the specific classroom for the first time. During this time, the AV support team usually needs to double or triple book appointments to meet this demand.

To assure sufficient AV support coverage for the spring 2019 shopping period, we expected the Yale College Dean’s Office would again request additional aid for courses with enrollment of over 150 students, as they had also made a similar request last semester. Anticipating this need, this semester we coordinated with other IT departments to secure the help of four technicians from other IT areas for this critical time. 

It was helpful to have the aid of internal Yale staff since they already have knowledge of our campus and understand the IT resources available to solve any issues that they experienced in the classrooms. “This has been the smoothest start I can remember for our department that I can recall,” said Assistant Manager AV Event Services, Karl Peterson. By partnering with other IT groups at Yale, we eliminated the need to familiarize external staff with classroom locations, secure IDs, or grant building access — saving both time and money. In fact, we only needed to augment our team with two vendor technicians during this most recent shopping period.

Based on the results of this recent collaboration, we are looking at ways to standardize the technology across all classrooms on central campus. We are also reviewing our staffing levels to better accommodate the increased number of requests we receive for support, service, and maintenance of AV technologies installed in the learning and meeting spaces located around campus.