John Echoes Provost on Disrespectful Behaviors

March 8, 2019

I have received a few questions this week regarding the Yale Daily News coverage of the Provost’s note expressing concern about recent incidents of disrespectful behavior toward staff. First, I want to express my appreciation for the Provost not letting this concern go unstated. Second, I want to echo the importance of his message. Yale, like all institutions of learning, is intended to be places of civil discourse. While expressing different points of view is often a condition of a healthy environment, it is also critically important that the culture is built on civility and mutual respect. I encourage you all to model the culture that defines the best of Yale – in the way we work with each other, in the way we support our community, and in our expectations of reciprocity of respect from the colleagues we support. If you are aware of or subjected to any issues in this regard, please seek support of your supervisor so that each incident can be properly investigated in accordance with Yale Policy.

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