Accounting Journal cancelations and fiscal close deadlines – Reminder

April 3, 2019

At 5:00 p.m. on fiscal period close days, all accounting journals that have a status of “in-progress” are canceled. This occurs because the period cannot close while any journals are “in progress.” The cancelation process is submitted by the Financial Systems and Solutions staff members.  If a journal has a canceled status with the following names, please note that the journal was not fully approved in time for the period close deadline.  

  • Cassista, Mary-Frances
  • Greenhouse, Michele
  • McGregor, Sherie
  • Rosa, Cynthia
  • Sgambato, Andrew

If the journal entry is still necessary, use the Copy related action to copy the journal into the open fiscal period.  Instructions to perform this journal copy can be found here.

Find Journals by Cost Center - Yale Report

The Find Journals by Cost Center - Yale report is a helpful tool to aid in journal analysis after an accounting period has closed. This report can be run on an ad hoc basis throughout the month or it can be scheduled.

  • Journal Source: Manual Journal. 
  • Journal Status:
    • In Progress to review journals awaiting approval
    • Canceled to review journals that may have been canceled with the period close
    • Posted to review posted journals

If you have any questions please call the Finance Support Center at 203 432-5394 or email