Action Required: Portfolio Report Filters

April 17, 2019

If you are using the Workday Portfolio Reports for either Principal Investigator (PI) or generic Assignee reporting, please take the action described below:

Portfolio Reports continue to be monitored and evaluated by Workday for performance. Based on their research, two new fields have been created for use when determining Grants to be returned, based on the PI submitted by the user. The new fields will replace Yale’s custom calculated fields, which were created for this purpose. Using Workday’s delivered fields will significantly improve performance times. With this change, each saved filter on the reports listed below must be recreated and saved, by selecting the PI, to avoid a scheduling error. 

Report Name
PORTSUMMBB - Portfolio Summary - Budget Balance View - Yale
PORTASBBGR - Portfolio Account Summary - Budget Balance View for Grants - Yale
PORTDTLTRN - Portfolio Detail Transactions for the Prior Period - Yale
PORTCMTSGR - Portfolio Commitments for Grants - Yale
PORTTRNDGR - Portfolio Payee Trends for Grants - Yale