Adobe CC 2019 Licensing Available for Shared Devices

April 18, 2019

A new shared device licensing option for Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software is now available for use on Yale-owned multi-user shared devices (e.g., classrooms, multi-user labs, clusters, kiosks, podiums, etc.).

This new Shared Device License can be downloaded from the IT Software Library. Updating to the new license is currently optional. However, we hope to migrate Adobe CC on ITS-managed multi-user computers from Serial Number Licensing to Shared User Licensing later this summer, in advance of Adobe’s planned retirement of Serial Number Licensing.

There are several benefits to updating to Shared Device Licensing now:

  • The new software enables Yale’s multi-user devices to run Creative Cloud 2019 products, which are not available with Serial Number Licensing. Until now, these computers were limited to running CC 2018, and earlier products.
  • The updated installers prepare Yale to transition away from Adobe’s Serial Number Licensing, which Adobe is discontinuing on January 1, 2020.
  • No uninstall necessary; installing the new Shared Device Licensing software will change the existing license type to the new license type.
  • While different Adobe CC license types (Serial Number, Named User, or Shared Device) can’t be used on the same computer, individuals can have different software versions of the same title installed simultaneously (e.g., Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 and CC 2019), if needed.

Single-user computers, such as those typically used as primary workstations by faculty and staff, are not affected by the new license offering and may continue using Adobe’s Serial Number Licensing or Named User Licensing. The Creative Cloud Desktop App is used to download, install, and update Creative Cloud Named User Licensing software.

What else?

  • Named User Licensing will continue to be available to faculty and staff only.
  • We expect to migrate Adobe CC on ITS-managed single-user computers from Serial Number Licensing to Named User Licensing this fall.
  • Students can continue to access all versions of Adobe CC through Yale’s public computer labs.

For further information, please visit Adobe’s FAQ on Shared Device Licensing FAQ web page.

Additional information will be shared in a future edition of this newsletter.