Auto Approval of Requisitions $200 or Less

April 17, 2019

Auto approval of low dollar requisitions was temporarily suspended with the Workday go-live in order to give requisitioners and approvers time to acclimate to the new process and new COA structure. In early May, the University will reinstitute the auto approval for requisitions that are $200 or less that meet specific criteria.  Requisitions that require exception based review from a central organization such as Environmental Health and Safety will skip the cost center approval steps and continue to route to the appropriate group.

Why: Auto approving low dollar requisitions will reduce inbox volumes for Cost Center Approvers and improve turnaround time from submission of the requisition to issuance of the Purchase Order. 

A Business Operations survey conducted in April 2018 indicated:

  • 69% of Approvers say they rarely or never edit Purchase Requisitions.
  • 50% of respondents endorsed auto-approval of YD and Gift-funded transactions
  • 75% of respondents opposed auto-approval of grant-funded transactions

Analysis of requisition data that has informed the process modifications include:

  • 46% of all Purchase Requisitions are $200 or less
  • 54% of $200 and under Purchase Requisitions are charged to Yale Designated only
  • 3% of Purchase Requisitions $200 and under are sent back.

What’s Changing: Requisitions that are $200 or less and meet the below criteria will skip the cost center approval steps

Purchase Requisitions will be auto-approved under the following limited conditions:

  • The COA lines do not include a Grant or Gift segment.
  • The requisition total is less than or equal to $200.
  • The Supplier is not  “Yale Purchasing Services.”

How to Monitor: Departments will be able to monitor the auto approved requisitions using delivered Workday reports

Two existing reports are being modified to allow post-submission monitoring of the auto-approved requisitions:

  • “Find Requisition by Cost Center-Yale”
  • “Find Requisitions by Cost Center Condensed – Yale”