CMDB - Initial Emphasis is Foundational Technologies

April 4, 2019

Below, read John Barden’s response to the question submitted to our ‘Ask John’ segment in a previous edition of IT Update.

I recently received a question about our lack of a Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB). Such tools are frequently used in organizations to track the specific technology assets relevant in support of an individual service. These tools can aid in understanding the potential impact of change, responding to incidents, and a host of other service management activities.

Two years ago, I asked the team to stop work on our CMDB initiative because, in my opinion, we were not ready. Since that time, we have made progress on many of the building blocks of a more consistent and precise set of operational practices, simplified our list of services, and begun to clarify the expectations of service ownership. These process elements needed to happen in advance of this technology investment so that as we codify our CMDB, we do so with a thoughtful design in mind.

We are beginning a light effort on CMDB on the ServiceNow suite and are proceeding with caution. Initially, we are simply trying to capture some basic attributes. We will continue to work on this with initial emphasis in foundational technologies. As we make more progress in our operational improvement efforts, I would expect the role of CMDB will continue to grow. For more information, feel free to reach out to Lou Tiseo, at, who is carefully guiding this effort.

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