IT Knowledge Exchange – Fantasy, Fun, Food, and More

April 4, 2019

Virtual reality demos, self-service portals, online learning, and sustainable technology were just some of new initiatives and services that were featured at the last month’s IT Knowledge Exchange. This event gave IT teams from across campus the chance to promote their projects, activities, and services in exhibition style, reminiscent of a science fair.

Over 150 people attended the event which featured presentations from several IT groups and partners, and a keynote speaker. There were several raffles, lots of snacks, great swag (free promotional items), and lively conversation. Held in lieu of a town hall, this was a chance for the IT community to network with colleagues and learn about the innovative projects and services happening at Yale.

Keynote speaker Dana Karwas, Director, Center for Collaborative Arts & Media (CCAM), gave a spirited overview of what CCAM offers to the University and talked about different inspirations for her arts and media creations including U.S. astronauts, working with the archictect Maya Lin, and the emotional aftermath of being in Japan during an earthquake. As an interdisciplinary artist and designer, Dana’s creative practice is centered on human reference frames, with a specific interest in the boundaries of sensory perception and rendering the invisible visible. “Her work is an example of how technology plays roles in ways you’d never imagine,” said John Barden.

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List of poster exhibits:

  • Common Reporting Platform (CoRe)
  • ITS Design Services (Azure)
  • Learn and Grow with LinkedIn Learning
  • Managed Containers:  A Yale ITS Docker Solution
  • Monitoring Solutions for Managed Windows Servers
  • MyApps at Yale
  • Next Generation Network: Securing Your Connectivity for the Future
  • SIS Operational Reporting
  • Spinup Self-Service Portal
  • Sustainability and Technology
  • Towards a More Accessible Yale Education: A Collaboration Between Yale ITS and The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Yale Center for Collaborative Arts & Media

IT Knowledge Exchange slideshow