March Finance Professionals forum – Yale Trademark Licensing Overview

April 3, 2019

Almost 70 people attended the Finance Professionals Forum held March 28 at 25 Science Park. The guest speaker was Paul J. Murawski, Director of Marketing and Trademark Licensing at Yale. Before coming to Yale, Paul owned his own marketing firm and worked for many years in retail. He provided an overview of what his department does including: protecting the Yale brand against misuse, creating awareness of the brand’s value, and generating revenue for the university.

Any company wanting to use the Yale logo on a t-shirt or mug needs to go through this unit for guidelines and approvals.  Yale is an evergreen, 300+-year old, authentic American brand.  When the Yale logo is placed on an item, it gives is great value. Paul’s team works to insure any use of the brand is done per university guidelines. They are also responsible for generating revenue which is used to support their salaries and some student scholarships.

In addition to working with companies like Champion and Nike, Paul and his team work with Yale student groups who want to use the Yale logo on t-shirts and more.  They present at large national and international licensing trade shows in Las Vegas, Mumbai, and London introducing the brand internationally. Also, they work to elevate the brand through major retailers like Neiman Marcus, Dick’s, and Forever 21.

A new initiative the team is pursuing includes promoting Handsome Dan, Yale’s mascot, on items and reusing retro Yale logos and vintage images on items like pillows and wall hangings. For more information about Yale Trademark Licensing, visit their website.

More about the Finance Professionals Forum

The Finance Professionals Forum, part of Yale Finance’s Employer of Choice initiative, is held quarterly for finance professionals. It’s an ideal opportunity for finance staff to network, share best practices, problem solve, and learn about other university programs.

The Finance Professionals Forum is different from a Community of Practice in that it serves only Yale Finance employees, although it will draw on resources and networks from across the University, including trainings, workshops and guest speakers.

A volunteer committee plans activities and is always looking for speakers and topic suggestions. For more information on the Finance Professionals Forum or to send topic suggestions, please contact Mike DellaBianca.

Past Speakers have included:

  • Jack Callahan, Senior Vice President for operations
  • Ben Polak, Provost
  • Steve Murphy, Vice President for Finance and CFO
  • John Barden, Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President for Yale Hospitality

Committee members include:

  • Mike DellaBianca, Yale Shared Services
  • Beth Moyes, Yale Shared Services
  • John Beecher, Business Solutions
  • Julie Elak, Investment Accounting
  • Amy Gadow, Investment Accounting