A Message from Rafi Taherian

April 8, 2019

Greetings Yale Hospitality,

A few years back, we worked on a newsletter project that led to the development of a monthly flyer for Yale Dining employees called Monthly Employee News and Updates (‘Menu’).  For one reason or another, after a few publications, Menu went away…  I am happy to share with you that we have since partnered with Internal Communications and have resurrected a new and exciting Menu.

The Menu is a newsletter for Yale Hospitality to share staff information, current events, initiatives, and calendars. This brings us together and informs everyone about our world in Yale Hospitality. The newsletter will be delivered monthly to your Yale email address.

Here’s what I ask of you: Please be sure to check your Yale email account often! If you are having trouble accessing your Yale email account, please contact the Yale ITS Helpdesk at 203-432-9000. The Menu will be a thriving and successful tool if and only if we are all engaged. 

If you would to like to contribute or have any interesting information to share, step forward and contact Emily Laub (emily.laub@yale.edu) or Alex Bottiglio (alex.bottiglio@yale.edu) for more information. 


Rafi Taherian
Associate Vice President, Yale Hospitality