Revisions to Major Incident Management Process

April 4, 2019

Strategic planning sessions are one way the ITS Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is collaborating to set strategy and discuss new and improved processes across the organization. The major incident management process is the first topic discussed by the team.
As part of the ongoing effort to position ITS as a service-aligned organization, the SLT is thinking about how best to restructure the major incident management (MIM) process to directly involve the service owners in the incident process. Once the transition to the new model begins, the SLT will play a significant role in determining process related to coordinating the bridge-line (emergency conference call), determining communications, and facilitating the after-action review process for critical priority level (P1) service incidents. During this review of the incident, the team will determine which of the lessons learned will be implemented and tracked going forward. In addition, the new process will help to ensure that both service owners and their support staff have a clear understanding of the different types of incidents and will be provided with tools and templates to ease the transition. Updates regarding the development of the new MIM process will be featured in future editions of the newsletter.