Self-Install Software and Patches Available for Selected Yale Devices

April 18, 2019

As part of a continuing effort to achieve operational excellence by enabling the community to access software with greater efficiency, the tools we use to manage Yale computers were enhanced at the end of last year.  One key benefit of the enhancement is individuals who use ITS managed systems no longer need to contact an IT support provider to install published applications to these devices.

Is my computer eligible to use this feature?

Eligible computers include Managed Workstations, as well as all Yale-owned devices managed via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Parallels Mac Management (PMM). View instructions how to determine if you have this software installed.

How do I install this new software using this new delivery feature?

  • Windows operating systems: Navigate to the search area found near the Windows logo, and search for ‘Software Center.’ The computer management application, Software Center for Windows operating systems, will display a list of published software you can install at will.
  • MacOS: Navigate to the Applications folder, and launch the ‘Parallels Application Portal.’ The computer management application, Parallels Application Portal for MacOS, will display a list of published software you can install at will

For further assistance, view step-by-step software self-install instructions with images.

Additional benefits

The number of software titles available through these tools continues to grow. Security patches and software updates are also available prior to a deadline, which varies depending on the urgency of the update. You can choose to install patches and updates when it is most convenient rather than waiting through an update at an inconvenient time.  On computers running the Windows operating system, you can also set your ‘business hours’ so any patching activity does not occur during your working hours. This option is not available for computers running MacOS.

These tools do not replace the Software Library available through the IT Service Portal website.