Tea & coffee - Making the world a better place

April 2, 2019

Teatulia CEO, Linda Lipsius and Sun Roasters Coffee CEO, Keith Limnios held an afternoon ‘tea & coffee discussion’ with students of Trumbull College in the Head of College House. After this discussion, they shared presentations on their companies and personal journeys. 

Linda Lipsius co-founded the Teatulia company with Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed. The company is focused on bringing high-quality, 100% organic teas to the US. The Teatulia Cooperative or Kazi Shadid Foundation, was started as a dairy cooperative to support Bangladesh’s first and only organic tea garden. The garden is located in the northern tip of Bangladesh and is the sole source of all Teatulia teas. The Teatulia company is a transparent, organic, regenerative, and community driven organization. Their revolutionary approach to farming is very different than other growers and uses no pesticides, machinery, or unnatural irrigation in the cultivation of their teas. Their farmer techniques have also transformed the landscape in which their tea is grown. It was taken from barren land to a lush garden in a matter of a few years (image below). Linda Lipsius is a leading voice in sustainable business practices and was names one of Fortune/Food & Wine’s 20 Most Innovative Women in Food & Wine.

Keith Limnios founded Sun Roasters Coffee in 2008. After working in the corporate world of coffee for almost two decades, Keith combined his passion for coffee and his deep commitment to social responsibility to create a brand that is the obvious choice for any environmentally and socially conscious coffee lover. All of the coffee Keith’s company sources is from sustainable rainforest and fair trade cooperatives around the world. His company works with hundreds of micro-farms around the world helping to support their farmers and their communities. They’ve also helped build schools in several third world countries giving farmer’s children the opportunity for education. From their growing process to sustainable manufacturing and green packing, the Sun Roaster’s Company is good for the body and soul.