Update - Policy amendment for Minors Participating in Research or Clinical Activities

April 17, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Since April 2, when we announced that members of labs sponsoring minors would be required to have background checks, it has become clear that we failed to provide adequate accompanying information and that we announced the change too close to the summer season, when many internships begin.  Protecting the thousands of young people who participate each year in Yale programs and introducing high school students to scientific research are both important goals, and they need not conflict. 

Rather than risk disrupting long-planned summer internship programs, we have decided that background checks will not be required until September 1, 2019.  Well before that time, we will provide more detailed information on who is required to obtain a background check, how the process works, and the criteria for requesting an exception.

For those of you who are ready to proceed now with background checks, we encourage you to please contact Karen Bauer in the Office of General Counsel at 203-432-4949 or karen.bauer@yale.edu, and she will assist you with the process.

Thank you very much.

The Committee on Programs for Children and Youth