Auto approval of purchase requisitions under $200 deferred

May 15, 2019

The initiative to auto-approve purchase requisitions $200 and under charged solely to Yale Designated accounts has been deferred. 

Department feedback indicated that many requisitioners do not have the detailed knowledge of the Chart of Accounts (COA) needed to reliably submit requisitions without review. There is also the belief that improved validations are needed to prevent incorrect COA combinations from being posted. Many business offices are concerned that auto-approval of requisitions will result in a high volume of subsequent journal corrections.

The Finance Steering Committee advised the Financial Systems and Solutions team to pursue gaining a better understanding of the volume of COA corrections and send-backs currently being handled for requisitions. They also advised the team to continue working toward improved COA validations and simplified methods to correct transactions before revisiting auto-approval of low dollar requisitions. 

In the meantime, business offices are encouraged to continue to work with their Requisitioners to provide work aids for commonly used COA instructions and to promote the use of Worktag Templates to apply stored COA combinations to requisitions.