Banner Migrations and Scheduled Outages

May 16, 2019

BAN2 – June 6 - June 7 (Thurs. & Fri.)

As we near the end or our extensive testing in BAN3 (our Banner development instance), our sights are set on the migration of BAN2 (our Banner test instance).

BAN2 will be unavailable June 6 and 7, as we walk through our deployment, validating the production plan to the greatest degree possible.  The performance test baseline, determined this week on the Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) BAN2, will be followed with the same exercise on the Linux BAN2.

Functional testing will be focused on end-to-end processes and integrations that could not be tested in BAN3.

The test period will begin Monday, June 10 and is expected to complete Friday, June 28.

BAN1 – Weekend of July 13

The planned migration dates for BAN1 (our Banner production instance) are the weekend of July 13 with a fallback of the weekend of July 20.

For questions about this Banner migration project, please contact: