New Report Facilitates Labor Suspense Clearing

May 8, 2019

Labor Suspense Review – Yale is now available in Workday. This report pinpoints any labor charges that have worktags classified as “suspense.” The report also assists in facilitating the creation of PAAs that need to be completed to clear labor suspense.

In addition, the report includes all suspense accounts including the newly created “Cost Transfer Rejection” accounts discussed in the May 1, 2019 Business Update article “Two New Projects set up for Rejected Cost Transfers.”

The Labor Suspense Review Report is limited to pulls in labor related journal sources.  

The guide for this report can be found on the training website.

For accounting guidance on suspense accounts please refer to an article posted in the May 1, 2019 Business Update entitled “Information on Suspense Accounts Added to Online Accounting Manual.”

The reporting team would like to thank the business operations community users who helped in testing this report in a short time frame to deliver a report that met the needs of the users quickly.