Oracle EBS Decommissioning – Updated Request Processes begin June 30, 2019

May 29, 2019


The Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) application–Yale’s financial and human resource system prior to Workday–is being decommissioned on June 30, 2019. The data in Oracle EBS will be kept available as an archive for historical reference, reporting, regulatory compliance, record retention, and audit requirements, but only a limited number of users in Finance and Human Resources will retain direct access.

All staff currently authorized to use the Data Warehouse Portal and Bug Report Library for reporting will retain their access but will need to contact the Finance Support Center (FSC) or Employee Service Center (ESC) should they require historical data that is only available in Oracle EBS (i.e., invoices, purchase orders).

Important Information

The following table details request types, current processes and the future processes to obtain needed information as of June 30.

Request Type

Current Process

Future Process (as of June 30)

Finance Request Document

(i.e. invoice, purchase order)

Accessed via Procurement Inquiry (drill to image)

Submit ticket to with valid business reason and information such as date, vendor, invoice number, dollar amount, type of transactions, and department.


HR/Payroll Document Request
(i.e. Employee Payslips)

Access via Human Resources Self-Service in Workday

Legacy HR/Payroll documents (e.g., W2, Payslip) will be available via Workday Self-Service (links to Legacy Oracle)

HR/Payroll Report Request (i.e. Individual History Report)

Run report from Oracle EBS or custom brio

Submit ticket to with valid business reason and information such as NetID, year, department, type of document needed.

Data Warehouse Access Request

Lead Administrator/Operations Manager submits request via IT Service Portal

Same process exists to request access for an employee via the Data Warehouse Portal

Legacy Oracle EBS access request to run custom brios (central users only)

Access information via read_only accounts

Central Access granted only.

Read_only accounts to be decommissioned; individual user accounts will be set up and monitored.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Finance Support Center (FSC) at or the Employee Service Center (ESC) at