Possible Action Required - Review COA Prefixes

May 30, 2019

Please review your system configurations to ensure that the addition of a new Gift prefix will not disrupt ongoing operations or data feeds no later than Friday, June 7, 2019.

An approaching update to the Chart of Accounts (COA) will result in changes to the Gift segment configuration. Each COA segment has a prefix that helps identify segment type. Currently, Gifts have two prefixes: GE, for endowments and GS, for spendable gifts. The current gift segment of spendable gifts includes both spendable and plant gifts. The change will add a third prefix, GP, for plant gifts, allowing these to be identified separately from spendable gifts.

Note that during the conversion from Oracle to Workday, impacted systems were given a template with the basic configuration for COA segments. Updated Workday COA segment configuration information will be available on the Workday @ Yale website in the near future. If you identify issues, please contact askfinance@yale.edu.