Purchases Worklet Added to Workday Homepage for Cost Center Requisitioners

May 22, 2019

Effective May 23, 2019, a Purchases worklet icon will now appear on the Workday homepage for all employees with the Cost Center Requisitioner role. When the icon is clicked, a screen will appear to show common tasks available to the Cost Center Requisitioner as shown below.

Under Actions, clicking ‘Create Requisition’ will initiate the same Create Requisition task that occurs when entering the phrase on the Workday command line.  Likewise, common reports to find requisitions appear under “View.”

Disregard ‘Select from My Procurement Favorites’.  This option  is not enabled  and Workday security does not permit  removal of the option. 

Individuals with the Cost Center AP Specialist role will be able to view Supplier Requests they previously submitted.

Individuals with the Cost Center Business Asset Tracking Specialist role should disregard the Create Receipt task under Actions.

Any questions please contact the Finance Support Center (FSC)
at sharedservices@yale.edu or 203-432-5394.